happy and impactful design cont’d

Link to inspire design that causes change:
Stefan Sagmeister  / on happy design
The Happy Film (amazing titles)
James Victore / James Victore’s interview by Hillman Curtis
Milton Glaser’s Road to Hell

Design of Dissent – Milton Glaser




responsible design

Write a list of 10 things that are important to you. Keep referring to this list.

Identify one or more of the following:
Something you see in everyday life that could be more efficient
Wastefullness that could be avoided
Something that is complex that could be made easier understand

For the next project, you are going to come up with a design solution that shows responsibility. It should mean something to you. It should have a positive social impact on society. It should use minimal resources (keeping sustainability in mind).

The most important part of this project is the idea. The challenge is coming up with what format it will take. Print? Web? iPhone App? Guerilla campaign? Stickers? What is the most effective format for delivery?

Due next class:
Present your idea(s), show sketches (by hand or digital). Share research you’ve done around your idea.

The Designers Accord
The Story of Stuff

book cover design

Design a book cover. This could be a redesign of a cover you can’t stand, or a new design for a book you love. You’ll have two weeks. The final cover should include front, spine, publisher information/logo.

Due next week:
Book cover design, 2 printouts: One mocked up on a book, the other flat.

the book cover archive

NY Times book design review

Designers to google:
Rodrigo Corral
Henry Yee
Catherine Casalino
Chip Kidd
Paul Sahre

project 1: six word story

Six Word Story Every Day (SWSED) is daily storytelling exploration through language and typography. It was inspired by the work Ernest Hemingway regarded as his greatest: “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.”

For your first project, design a poster that communicates something about yourself. In some large or small way, obvious or discreet, silly or serious, it’s up to you. The objective of this project is to get to know eachother’s design sensibilities and thinking. It’s also a great way to get your work posted and share with others.

Project Specs:
– Stories need to be exactly 6 words, with each word included in the design
– File dimensions: RGB, flattened JPG, 900 pixels by 675 pixels

I will be submitting your work to SWSED to be featured on the site. After the next class, please email me: your final JPG, story text, your full name, website & Twitter links.

This project will be reviewed in-class digitally. no need to bring print outs.

Next week an amazing designer is paying us a visit, Catherine Casalino.