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final portfolios

Can’t believe the last class is already here! Thanks to everyone for an amazingly inspirational semester.

Create a final portfolio of the work you did this semester. Include process photos and sketches. You have a week to revisit projects you would like to revise.

Final portfolio should be in PDF format (lo-rez), with a cover page that includes your name and email address. You’ll present these and walk us through your process and approach. We’ll spend the remainder of the class eating holiday cookies and talking about design.

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editorial design

Design an interior spread for the New York Times magazine. Start by selecting an article topic that you find interesting. Look at the NYT website for content/possible subjects.

Create a stylized article headline. Also include author name, and body text. Spread layout grid should include 1 column on the left side of the page (brief, below headline), 2 on the right page. Include Drop caps, lead ins, and pullquotes to break up the monotony of the 2-columns of text (on the right page).

Use sample articles from the NY times magazine as a guide. The design of the magazine has gone through several changes in the past two years, so your headline type choice is flexible (Rockwell and Knockout are suggested). Body copy should be set in Chelthem (8-10 pt).

No Class on Nov 23 (happy thanksgiving!), so you have 2 weeks to complete your first draft. On Nov 30 a guest speaker will visit from New York magazine to talk about editorial design.

Look at past issues of the magazine for direction and inspiration!

happy and impactful design cont’d

Link to inspire design that causes change:
Stefan Sagmeister  / on happy design
The Happy Film (amazing titles)
James Victore / James Victore’s interview by Hillman Curtis
Milton Glaser’s Road to Hell

Design of Dissent – Milton Glaser