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custom lettering & final labels

Based on the lecture by Annica Lydenberg from dirtybandits, create a hand lettered type specimen, from an adjective. This is meant to be a fun way to explore hand-lettering based on all the inspiration from the lecture.

Think about how your lettering would be applied in a project. try different tools (brush, ink, calligraphy pen, fat marker, etc.).  Have fun with this!

Due next week:
Final jam label, on a jar
Lettering specimen (8.5′ x 11′)

more on combining type

Some tips to consider for the label project:

Choose your primary typeface wisely. Select a legible type family with enough weights to give you options.
Use a contrasting typeface. If your primary typeface is a serif design, a contrasting sans can often work well to help prioritize information. Don’t use more than two families; more runs the risk of making your design too busy.
Vary size. Changing the point size will draw attention, but be sure to make it noticeable. A one-point change won’t create enough contrast; try two points or more.
Use all caps. In small doses, all cap settings work well for brief emphasis, especially for subheads and column headings. Use all caps sparingly, though – text in all caps loses readability after more than a few words.
Incorporate italics. Using italics is a great way to achieve subtle emphasis, particularly for bylines, captions and within blocks of copy.
Take advantage of small caps. If your typeface has true-drawn small caps, use them! They’re terrific for highlighting specific elements when you have a lot of information to prioritize and don’t want to change type families.

For Next week: Labels, printed and on a jar.

book cover design

Design a book cover. This could be a redesign of a cover you can’t stand, or a new design for a book you love. You’ll have two weeks. The final cover should include front, spine, publisher information/logo.

Due next week:
Book cover design, 2 printouts: One mocked up on a book, the other flat.

the book cover archive

NY Times book design review

Designers to google:
Rodrigo Corral
Henry Yee
Catherine Casalino
Chip Kidd
Paul Sahre