about the course

Course: GDC-3746-A Design Procedures
School of Visual Arts Continuing Education
Instructor: Lara McCormick – lmccormick@sva.edu
Wednesday 6 PM – 9 PM, 133-141 West 21 St, Room 409F

Course Description
In this class you will think of design as a problem-solution situation by using your developing visual vocabulary and artistic skills. The assignments will cover a broad range of design applications. Be prepared to take on many assignments which will cause you to not only think just about the practice of graphic design, but about yourselves and your place in the design world. The course will heavily focus on practical applications of design (publication design, packaging, information design, sustainable design, editorial design, and designing for a cause will be explored). You will also learn the importance of conceptual thinking and creative execution.

The course is rigorous: you’ll be given 5-7 projects so it is important that you complete your work on time. Each class will be a combination of lecture, discussion and critique. Guest lecturers TBA. Books and websites will be recommended as they pertain to projects.

-Explore new approaches to design
-Learn to apply specific graphic design techniques
-Improve typography skills
-Push your conceptual abilities
-Expose you to current design resources
-Have fun and make cool things

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